You’re probably wondering what the hell is up with this whole Blacktop Lampoon website and its staff of Rogue Media. Here’s a heartfelt explanation:

For years, BTSH has had a media branch of one sort or another. (Thank you SB, Derek & Eli, Sven, and all the others who have been involved in writing over the years, as well as the frequent photo/video contributors like $howtim3! and Jamie.) Early on, the media had no official basis beyond reporting schedules, scores, announcements, and kudos and gasfaces. Over time, the content broadened to include lengthier features including previews, recaps, “Know Your Neighbor”, stars of the week, photos, odd bits of satire, and more. For a long time the media had no codified relationship to the league and operated on a mostly volunteer basis. More recently, in recognition of the value this web content contributes to our community, the media was added to the official budget.

During this year’s off-season, the commissioner revoked the content management privileges of the official website’s writers and Isaac, the editor. At a captains’ meeting not long after, the commissioner submitted a budget with the media payments reduced. Together, those actions led Isaac to throw up his hands and leave his post. The reduced media budget was voted down by the captains–which tells you that the service the media provides is still valued by the league’s participants. However, there’s still no editor/”social media coordinator” in place. We are unaware of any attempts to restore the role, and it is no longer listed on the website.

At the moment the league is transitioning in its legal/corporate status. Nobody can be paid until the bank accounts can be properly established. According to the commissioner, the media role has been put on hold while these issues are sorted out. Nevertheless, there are other staff roles filled, all of whom are aware that they will not be paid until the money can be properly handled. The season’s well under way. So why not staff the media too, even if they’re temporarily unpaid?

A few weeks ago, with the season just days away, some of the more social-media oriented league participants began to wonder why there had been no supplementary content for several months, such as the team previews we’d been accustomed to in years past. You love them, and so do we, and we want to bring them back.

We miss that content, and all the other silliness, both as readers and writers. So, in the anarchic yet communal spirit that actually makes BTSH what it is, and standing in solidarity with the ex-editor, we took it upon ourselves to inaugurate a new site outside the control of the league. Thus the Rogue Media was formed, and with it, the Blacktop Lampoon.

We’re trying to provide some entertainment, minus the traditional regular features of BTSH. Why no regular features? Because they are actually hard work and we are not getting paid.

Those shitty previews were intended to make a point. The point is that the regular postings are something that players look forward to. They help you stay connected and invested in the league. When you’re connected and invested in the league, you stay and hang out longer, you get to know folks from other teams, you help out with reffing, you help set up, you help clean up. Everybody wins.

Ask your captain to ask the commissioner when we can reinstitute the media, and in the meantime, where that budget money is going.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen without your support.

Yours to the Revolution,
The Rogue Media