Sources predict nice legs, notes of B.O., undertones of bitterness and rage. Rich and ripe for an exciting week — here are your previews bitchezzz.

Butchers at Denim Demons: East at 1:00pm

Spell binding bottle of Champagne. Disgorged in 2014, there was so much brioche here, I thought I was in bakery. There was a vibrancy and energy to the wine that keep all that pure fruit right out in the front. The effervesce was exactly what it needed to be with textures that promoted its beautiful finesse character. Worthy the money? That is another issue. But price aside, this is in contention for one of the best bottles of Champagne I have ever tasted. 99 Pts

Sky Fighters at Math: West at 1:00pm

This is surely a contender for the best vintage of Chateau d’Angludet. The fruit is fresh, polished, soft and ripe. Medium-bodied with sweet cassis, tobacco, cherry and herbal character, this wine is quite nice and well-priced. 89-91 Pts

We’d have just called it Gwhintzky

Rehabs at Fresh Kills: East at 2:00pm

Dominated by red fruits, strawberry, cassis and cranberry, the wine also offers earthy tones. Medium bodied, lean and foursquare, the wine is on the austere side of the style range. 85 Pts

Mega Touch at Poutine Machine: West at 2:00pm

Bread, yeast, light citrus, apple and an interesting hint of cocoa create the nose. The wine lacks the lift and minerality found in some of the more exalted years, but it makes up for it with concentration, density and lushness. Plus, it’s already open, charming and fun to drink. 94 Pts

Dark Rainbows at Gut Rot: East at 3:00pm

Minerality essence, citrus, tropical fruit, floral, honeysuckle and toast aromas prepare you for the complex, concentrated, sweet yellow fruit and stone filled palate. Creamy, but not as flashy, opulent or open as the 1996 was at the same stage. There seems to be more structure and minerality to the 2002. This needs at least a few years or longer to come together. 95 Pts

…it’s wine… and it’s PLAYING HOCKEY!

Fuzz at Gouging Anklebiters: West at 3:00pm

Young, but someone needs to check out these babies, now and then. Already charming, with loads of freshness, peppery, sweet cherries, thyme, black raspberry, olives and herbs. Bright, with softness and refinement, the wine is medium/full bodied and should develop nicely for at least 10-15 more years. 91 Pts

Cobra Kai at Gremlins: East at 4:30pm

Dark in color, concentrated, deep and young, it’s hard to miss the seductive quality of this stunner, with its silky tannins coupled with layers ripe, sweet, luscious, fresh fruits, flowers, smoke, licorice, herbs, black raspberry and cherry liqueur aromas. 97 Pts

Filthier at LBS Inc.: West at 4:30pm

This is one sexy, exotic bottle of juice. It is has silky, erotic texture to the fresh cherries that you can only get with Cotie Rotie. The finish is long, the nose is complex and it’s ready to go. If you have a bottle and you’re feeling hedonistic, pop a cork. 96 Pts

This is what dem-hockey-ry looks like

Corlears Hookers at Instant Karma: East at 5:30pm

Your nose is greeted by an explosive perfume filled with flowers, cherry liqueur, pepper, earth, smoke, stone and bacon fat aromas. Luscious waves of polished, opulent textured, ripe black cherries and kirsch are found in the long, pure, elegant finish. This is close to mature where it should remain for several years. From experience tasting older vintages, I’d drink this before the wine hits its 20th birthday. 97 Pts

What The Puck at Tompkins Square Riots: West at 5:30pm

Close to full maturity, this is better in the nose with its dark fruits, plum, underbrush and pepper scents. I liked the wine, it had some roundness to its texture coupled with ripe berries, but it felt more well made than exciting. 92 Pts