Editor’s note: This is part two of a nine-part series about Gut Rot’s victory on March 26, 2017.

* For journalistic integrity, it should be noted that Liza was not sitting, but was receiving a Swedish massage at the St. Regis during the time of this interview, as it was the only opening in her schedule. Her time has reportedly been in great demand since Gut Rot’s week 1 win.

OB: Liza, to give our readers [aspirational] some context: approximately how many shootouts have you participated in?

LW: Over the course of my 12 year tenure in BTSH, I’ve been in approximately 2 shootouts including this one.¬† This was my first in BTSH, the other was a charity tournament.

OB: Were you successful in any of those shootouts?

LW: Yes, in both.

OB: How did you feel as you saw it was going to come down to your shot? Have you ever felt like this before? If so, when?

LW: I saw my teammates watching me on the sidelines from the corner of my eye and thought “Don’t accidentally trip into the goal.” I have this feeling every shift.

OB: Can you take us through your strategy for this shot?

LW: My strategy was to keep my team’s expectations as low as possible. I also tried to talk Morgen into taking the shot instead of me.

OB: Are there any exceptional photographs of the aftermath you would like to share?

Photo courtesy of the shoot-out winner

OB: Were you able to maintain hygienic underwear after you scored, or was there a “shift change” needed?

LW: I don’t wear underwear.

OB: Anything else you’d like to add?

LW: Gut Rot, Bitchezz!