Some of us remember a time when there were actual previews of BTSH games. Well, while we await the return of that, here’s something else for your reading annoyment. The Rogue Media has prepared this handy guide to the NHL playoffs: predictions, who to taunt, where to drink while the games are not shown because stupid Mets baseball is on, and more!

Note from the Unpaid Editor: An entity calling itself Anonymous addressed the following message to the Rogue Media through our spokesman, Dr. Banjo Kazooie (capncaveman99 at The transmitting account called itself “BTSH Leaks” (which we will be henceforth referring to as BitchyLeaks), using an e-mail address containing a transparent attempt to frame a prominent and frequently controversial cross-fit proponent. (Full disclosure: said cross-fit proponent is currently under investigation for other crimes; however, our unpaid forensic team has evidence of his innocence in this matter.) After some deliberation over what to do with this message, which was quickly termed The Word Salad Communiqué, we have decided to run it in its entirety, unedited, and let the public decide. We will[…]